Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, colloquially referred to as Eucharistic Ministers, help the priest to distribute communion. We are always in need of more ministers to serve in this role, especially at the 8am, 11:30am and 5:30pm Masses. To get involved in this Ministry please contact Nathaniel Stubblefield at the Parish Office.

Eucharistic Minister Duties

Position H1 or H2

H, which stands for host (aka the Body of Christ, or bread), includes the two positions in the center of the aisle that distribute the hosts. The priest is always one of the H positions, but can occupy either H1 or H2; H1 stands on the left side of the aisle, H2 stands on the right. The minister assigned to the H position will approach the Tabernacle after the Our Father, bring down the ciborium and place it on the Altar. This person then stands immediately behind the priest with C2 on the right and C1 on the left.

Position C1 and C2

C, which stands for cup (aka the Blood of Christ), includes both C1 and C2. C1 stands on the left side of the church, near the piano and C2 stands opposite on the right side. C1 has an extra job. After the Our Father the person in C1 should approach the Altar and pour the remaining precious blood into the empty chalice. When this is done, C1 stands behind the Altar on the left side. C2 has no extra duties, but is no less important! C2 stands behind the Altar on the right side.

At the 10am Mass we also have positions H1a and H2a. Please click on the diagram below for a detailed view of where each position stands.