2016 New Years Greeting

Dear Parishioners,

Another year is upon us. Some may choose to see the coming of a new year with a sense of dread as they face challenges that are to come. Others may look at a new year with a sense of despair, as they realize they are one year older. Still others may look at a new year with excitement at the possibilities that are before them.

Here at Saint Andrew we welcome 2016 with excitement!

Last year saw the beginning of the implementation of Parish Transformation. New ministries were started, and we had our first ever St. Andrew Palooza! This year we plan to continue to roll out other initiatives that are part of our Parish Transformation Plan. And of course, we will have our Second Annual St. Andrew Palooza. It will be bigger and better than the first!IMG_1965

A new venture for the year will be the kick off of our capital campaign, which will hope to address the needs of our parish facilities. As you read this, a feasibility study will be wrapping up, which will give us a sense of direction for the capital campaign. We’ve known for many years that we need to do something not only to preserve our buildings, but also make them more conducive to our present day needs. And there have been many great ideas as to what we should do. Our feasibility study will help us prioritize our needs and help us focus on what we can accomplish with God’s help.

But, more than anything I am excited for another year of continuing to do the work that Christ has entrusted to us. He instructed us, “Go out and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” This will be our 123rd year of carrying out that mission as a parish. Every baptism, wedding, funeral, First Communion, Confirmation, Religious Education Class, weekly All-School Mass, 5K Running of the Bulldogs, Lenten Fish Fry, Greater Chicago Food Depository visit, and every Sunday Eucharistic celebration will be an opportunity to help spread the Good News and build up the Kingdom of God.

When we look at all we do at Saint Andrew, and when we do so through the lens of being partners in God’s work, no challenge is too formidable, and no task is too menial. How can we not be excited at the opportunities the new year will bring?

May God bless us all with the task at hand!


Fr. Sergio


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