A Walk Down Memory Lane

We had the privilege of welcoming Richard Idstein and Geraldine Idstein back to campus just a few weeks ago. Their story is told through the words of their daughter found below.

Thank you for allowing us to visit the church today. It meant quite a bit to all of us. My parents graduated from the school in 1939 and went their separate ways. After WWII, they met again at a “young people’s club” dance, fell in love and got married on September 3, 1949. Most of their classmates and friends from the young people’s club are now departed. The visit to the church brought back fond memories – “this is where my class used to sit”, “Annie and I walked up there on the altar in our stocking feet to put flowers on the top ledge for sister” , ” we were sitting in this pew when you were 3, and insisted in singing happy birthday to baby Jesus when the candles were lit, and we couldn’t shut you up!”  I was shown where various friends and family sat when they went to Mass. Uncle John, my mothers younger brother (90) chimed in too. This helped make his visit from Portland, Oregon more memorable too. My parents and I now live in Buffalo Grove and are part of St Mary Parish. The foundation of their faith, formed at St Andrew, is now being shared with their great grandchildren. Many Saturday nights the four generations receive communion together. My father “retired” as an usher when he reached 91 last year. My mother “retired” as a Eucharist Minister when she reached 91. They continue to bring communion to the sick in our parish and remain active.  They are grateful to St. Andrews for the great catholic foundation for their faith, and they are grateful for all the memories.  Thank you for making this visit possible.  Sincerely, Kathleen Lyons

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