An Advent of Prayer

You are invited to An Advent of Prayer. Four unique workshops on prayer modeled after our personality indicators. God created us with many wonderful and enriching differences which inform how can best connect with God. Perhaps the way you “learned” to pray works or doesn’t work for you. Come and find out why that is, and how to find new ways to pray in the great treasures of Catholic prayer.

What: Four one-hour workshops during Advent on prayeradvent-prayer-map
When: Tuesday nights at 7:00 to 8:00 PM – Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, and 20, 2016.
Where: Saint Andrew – Main Church
Who: All parishioners. Workshops are appropriate for all ages including children.
Why: To prepare for Christmas by improving our prayer and spiritual life.

Growing In Prayer:
Prayer is a deeply intimate gesture between us and God. As we change and grow, so too do our capacity to engage in that relationship to and with God. These workshops will explore the vast treasure of Catholic prayer – manners of praying you may not have known or have been hidden to you – so that you can discover and practice prayer in a more enriching way. Come to one night or all four nights and prepare for Christmas by deepening your knowledge and practice of prayer.

These four workshops will be presented by the pastoral staff of Saint Andrew and invited guest speakers.

How to Prepare:
To prepare for these workshops, we invite you to take a preliminary personal inventory which you can download. It’s a little test to teach you about your own personality traits and how they influence your strengths and weaknesses in prayer.

The workshops will focus on four basic personality types and how a certain type of prayer will come more naturally or more difficult to various personality types. By preparing for the presentations with the personality test, you’ll discover if you are more likely to gravitate towards prayers that are Body-Heart, Body-Mind, Soul-Heart, or Soul-Mind.

Workshops will focus on the varying topics on the following dates:

Tuesday, November 29 – Body- Heart– Praying with Art presented by Fr. Sergio
Tuesday, December 6 – Body-Mind – Centering Prayer and… Yoga? presented by Terry Kiely
Tuesday, December 13 – Soul-Mind – O Come O Come / Liturgy of the Hours presented by David Heimann
Tuesday, December 20 – Soul-Heart – Eucharistic Adoration – presented by Fr. Sergio

These workshops qualify as ongoing formation hours that are expected for lay liturgical ministers.

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