Capital Campaign Update April 2018

We want to continue updating the parish on our progress of the Saint Andrew Parish Capital Campaign.  

The continuation committee meets regularly and has since our Town Hall meeting.  Each time we meet, we discuss the status of the projects, how to keep the momentum going, how to expand our donor base with new pledges and review the financial reports from the Archdiocese by donor.  During our last meeting we discussed all of those components.

  • We will publish the Capital Campaign financials in the bulletin on a monthly basis or more regularly if necessary
  • We will list the current projects update below the financials ie, Church lighting is complete, stained glass windows project is moving forward (see below for status on this project)
  • Fr. Sergio will summarize campaign projects from time to time in the bulletin
  • Targeted Early Childhood Education Town Hall meeting is scheduled for May 9th (more details to follow)
  • Sending reminder letters to past due/delinquent donors

As we all know, the Church lighting project is complete.  The stained glass window project is moving forward.  We don’t have a start date quite yet because we had to get testing done on the windows for asbestos and lead.  Those results have come back positive and we will have to do some abatement.  The Archdiocese is already lining up three companies to provide bids for the abatement work.  They will most likely be here sometime next week to look at the windows and we could expect submitted bids sometime the following week. The Archdiocese has suggested that the abatement company coordinate use of the scaffolding with the stained glass company. They will coordinate this once a contract has been awarded for abatement. That will probably be the time we will have a clearer sense of start time and we will keep the parish apprised of those timelines.

As always, please let us know if you have questions or concerns.  Thank you for your commitment to the mission of Saint Andrew Parish, both the church and school! Your enthusiasm and eagerness to see this capital campaign to its completion is appreciated. As with any project comparable in size, scope and cost to the projects we have chosen, there will always be logistical and procedural steps to take and there may be unanticipated issues to address. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your confidence in us and the parish!  Have a great week!

Haven’t made a pledge? Find out more by reading here.


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