Easter Appeal 2017

Dear Parishioner and Friend of Saint Andrew, 

Chicagoans always take advantage of the nice weather as it seems we have very little of it when compared to the length of the winter season. This year though, we were extremely blessed with a mild winter that was quickly followed by some summer-like days in March. People all over the metropolitan area took to the sidewalks, bike paths and the lakefront with a sense of gratitude for this rare gift.

As people of faith, we know we are blessed with much more than just nice weather. Our family and friends are also God’s gift to us. They fill our lives with much love, joy and laughter. Everything we have; our lives, our health, our homes, etc. is a gift from God.  But, chief among those gifts is the gift of our faith. God has won for us life eternal with Him, where sin and death no longer have a power over us.

Having been so richly blessed, we are compelled to praise and thank God for His goodness. The best way we can give thanks is by partaking of the Eucharistic celebrations that make up Holy Week.  I invite you to join us as we give thanks for the gift of our salvation, and all the other ways God enriches out lives.

ITo support the needs of our ever-growing parish please follow this link to Give Central. Lent and Easter has traditionally been a time to show our gratitude to God for the gift of faith by making a financial offering to the parish. Your contribution will go a long way to support our school and the many other ministries of our parish.

Along with thanking God for the gift of my faith I will also thank God for the gift of you, the people of Saint Andrew Parish. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones during this Easter Season. May God bless you abundantly.


Rev. Sergio Romo



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