Easter Letter 2016

Happy Easter!  We are all wishing you the most blessed and holy time as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. Please take the opportunity to read Fr. Romo’s Pastoral Greeting for the season of Easter.

Dear Parishioner and Friend of Saint Andrew,

As I write this and I look out my office window, snow continues to cover Paulina Street. People buried under multiple layers of clothing hurry past. But, despite this bleak scenario I know that underneath that snow there is a plethora of green things eager to poke through the rich dark soil. And I also know that Easter 2016people will very soon be throwing off the burden of heavy winter coats. Every year we welcome the many signs of spring that assure us that life will spring forth again.  We are overjoyed to be free of the restrictions that winter places upon us.

As people of faith, all of this reminds us that Jesus likewise frees us from the restrictions of sin and death. Through his passion and resurrection, we have been freed from the long “winter” of sin and death that resulted from the Fall. Lent affords us the annual opportunity to turn away from the sins we have freely chosen. We die to their false promises and rise to a new and eternal life with Christ.

For the freedom and new life that has been given to us we are compelled to celebrate and proclaim just like the disciples did on that first Easter Sunday morning, “He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today!” It is my hope that you and your loved ones will join our parish community in our Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

At the church, we have contribution envelopes for those wishing to support the needs of our ever-growing parish. Frist Lent and Easter has traditionally been a time to show our gratitude to God for the gift of faith by making a financial offering to the parish. Your contribution will go a long way to support the many ministries of our parish. If you wish you can choose to make your gift electronically by clicking visiting Give Central. From there just choose the “Easter Collection” and follow the prompts to give the necessary information.

Along with thanking God for the gift of my faith I will also thank God for the gift of you, the people of Saint Andrew Parish. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your family during this Easter Season. May God bless you abundantly.


Rev. Sergio Romo


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