Family Mass – Cardboard Testimonies

How has Saint Andrew Shaped You or Your Family’s Life?

Is this a place where you can find quiet? A place where you met a friend? A place where you find spiritual community? A place where memories were made? A place to let God know a deeply rooted fear or concern like the fight against Cancer or a brother stationed in Iraq?

Church is personal to each of us, and its sometimes difficult to express it, even as Christ calls us to share our experience so that he can use us to reach those still in the dimness of despair and fear.

On Sunday, April 17, after the 10:00 Mass we would like your support in making a short “”St. Andrew Communio Testimonial Video” about Saint Andrew Parish. The mechanism for this is as simple as a piece of cardboard like you see below.



Why? – Because Saint Andrew is a special place and we want to share that with others so they can be know and be a part of this great community!

Come on Sunday, April 17 to the gymnasium with you and/or your family to write down a word, a phrase, or a response to a question about how Saint Andrew has impacted you. We’ll film you and your cardboard testimony and edit it together with other testimonies to create a vibrant witness to Saint Andrew Parish.

This is a one-time opportunity. If you can’t be there, but would be willing offer your own testimony, contact David Heimann at to express your interest and set up a testimony of your own.

The final product will be similar to this, though unique to our own parish.



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