First Fruits 2018

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Donate $5 to support our local food pantry with fresh picked corn!

While our pantries do a great deal to support those who are food insecure, often times recipients only get canned food. Fresh food is often forgotten.

Parishioners from Saint Andrew are lining the shelves of Saint Mary of the Lake Pantry with fresh corn gown by friends of parishioners in Mendota, IL.

Drop off the coupon below with your donation to the rectory by Wednesday, August 8. Parishioners are picking up the corn at the Mendoza Sweet Corn Festival on August 12 and bringing carloads back to the Saint Mary of the Lake Pantry. Thank you for your generous support!

Make a donation by printing out the form below and returning with cash or check to Saint Andrew rectory or by making a donation directly through Give Central by clicking here. 



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