St. Andrew Parish is using FLOCKNOTE!

December 6, 2015 St. Andrew Parish launched the use of Flocknote for the parish. This is a robust communication platform built for parishes. It is similar to Constant Contact or other email platforms, but also does texting, polling, event RSVPs, and group bulletin boards, all while allowing users to control how they receive messages and from what groups within the parish. Read more to find a short video that explains more about the program and also to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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FAQ for Flocknote at St. Andrew Parish:

How do I sign up?

Anyone who is a registered parishioner at Saint Andrew is automatically signed up. If you are a registered parishioner and did not receive an email by December 7, 2015, you can text SaintAndrew to 84576 or visit to sign-up. Upon signing up, you’ll be prompted to complete the registration process.

Many parishioners are asking for better communication, and that is the purpose of Flocknote! Flocknote is a communication tool used by St. Andrew Parish and is for anyone who wants to be connected and receive information from St. Andrew Parish. This does not equal parish registration. There is a different form to complete for Parish Registration which is available in the rectory or by clicking here. Registering for the parish is important for many reasons, including sacramental readiness, parish census and financial reporting.

Will I receive a lot of emails from Flocknote?

St. Andrew is trying to communicate more effectively. This means you will receive quarterly newsletters and once-per-week mini e-bulletins. Belonging to our overall parish group shouldn’t be too overwhelming. We intend to use the service somewhat sparingly. But if you sign up for other groups within our parish community, you could receive additional emails or text messages for that group. In that case, you will see more Flocknote messages in your mailbox, but only the ones you want.

How do I change the email address or mobile phone number associated with my account?

If you have been automatically signed-up, received an email or text and you have decided that you want to change the email address or mobile number used by Flocknote, you can do that! First off, sign in to or you can click on the subject line of a Flocknote that you have received.  This will open up a page in your web browser. Now on the Group Name at the top of the browser, most likely this will be read “St. Andrew Parish” and look like this:

Group Name

Clicking on this link will open up another webpage that has the menu page the left of your screen.

flocknote menu


Select the “My Info” tab under the grey button to the right.

A new page will come up that allows you to change any information, including your password. Just click “Done” when you are finished and all of your information will be updated. Reminder, this does not update your information in the parish registry, it simply changes how we communicate to you through Flocknote.

How do I get a password?

The way Flocknote works depends on how you use it. At the very least, when your email is added to the parish list, you will receive the emails until you unsubscribe. In that way, Flocknote will always be useful to send out information. But it is more useful if you update your profile and log into the system. Then you can join groups and comment on the bulletin boards. To do that, you’ll have to register with Flocknote. By clicking on the “My Info” tab described above, you’ll receive options to confirm your email address and your mobile phone number. This will enable you to create and/or change a password that only you will know and empower you to log in to Flocknote at your discretion.

How do I sign up for a group?

The great thing about Flocknote is that you can control the information that you receive from the parish. Each subgroup of the parish has its own list from which you can subscribe or unsubscribe. Simply go to the menu page as described above (click on the title of the email, and then click on the group name in the top of the opened webpage, or go to and sign in.) When you find the menu page, scroll to the bottom. There will be a button that says “Show All Groups.” By clicking on this button, you will see all the groups for which you can sign up. Some groups require the permission of an administrator.

I prefer receiving email messages. How do I do that?

Log into Flocknote the same way mentioned above.

flocknote menu

In the menu on the left side of the screen, select the purple button which is the “Notifications” menu. This will bring up a screen that looks like this.

notifications menu

This screen lists all the groups to which you belong. Next to each group is four icons.

  • An email button
  • A mobile phone button
  • A fancy quotation bubble
  • And a big “x”

If you want to receive emails from a group, make sure the email button is selected. It will be a darker blue. At the same time, if you only want to receive emails, deselect the cell phone icon for that group. When a text message is sent to the group, it will come to you as an email.

I prefer receiving information via text messages. How do I do that?

First, read the answer to the previous post. When you select the purple button to change your notifications, the screen with all the groups that you belong to will appear. Deselect the email icon so that it is no longer a darker blue. Keep the mobile phone button selected as a darker blue. Now, any message sent, even an email, will come to you as text message. When that occurs, you will receive a link to the message which you can view on your smart phone.

If I make a comment on a post, who will see it?

If you reply to a Flocknote message, the reply will be visible to everyone in your group. When you log onto Flocknote, the reply will be seen in the comment section of the group message.

Can I send a private message to someone through Flocknote?

No you cannot. If you reply to a message it will be added in the comment section of the group message. Part of the preference we have for using Flocknote is that it allows for group conversation while keeping personal contact information private. Other parishioners will not be able to access your email or phone number through Flocknote.

If I want to see all the comments that are added to post, how can I do that?

The message that came to your email inbox or your phone is a one-way message. You won’t see the conversation going on if you don’t engage with the email through the online portal. To see the conversation that is taking place around that message, click on the “Subject” of the email. This will bring you to the message webpage and you will be able to see all the comments that have been added to the message since it was delivered.

If you really want to be connected to your group, then you can have all the comments sent to your email automatically. This is helpful if you are a group leader, or want to be kept up to speed on the overall conversation of the group. Once again, look over your answers to the questions “I prefer receiving a messages over email.” Remember that purple button with a bell that takes you to the “Notifications” page? When you have the Notifications screen open, the third icon which is shaped like a quotation bubble is the one you want to select. If it is dark blue, this means that every comment made to a post will be emailed to you. That way you’ll be kept up to speed on all the correspondence.

How do I reply back to an email that was sent to me?

Anytime you reply to a Flocknote message, it will be posted as a comment on the message webpage. The comment will be visible to anyone in that group. Any members who have turned on their “email me comments” tab under their notifications page will receive your reply.

I am moving, what do I need to do to remove my registration?

We would love for you to always stay in touch with what is happening at St. Andrew Parish. You can keep receiving emails from us through Flocknote if you wish. You can even move to our “Alumni and Friends” group which will only receive our quarterly newsletter. Flocknote is different than being registered at the parish, so if you are moving, we would ask that you call our office, 773-525-3016 to remove yourself from our parish registry and mailings. We will miss you!

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