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Fr. Doss’ Final Farewell



Fr. Doss’ Farewell Reception will take place after the 4:00 PM Mass on Saturday Sat. January 23, 2016. This is a slight change from previous announcements.  The reception will be from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM in the gymnasium at St. Andrew parish. A light serving of hour devours and deserts will be served. Please stop by as you are able, a formal recognition will be held at 5:30 PM.

Letter from Fr. Sergio posted in the bulletin on 1-17-16:

It’s hard to believe that four and a half years have passed since Fr Doss arrived at Saint Andrew Parish. Unfortunately, that means his religious worker’s visa is due to expire soon, and he has to return to his home in India. His last weekend with us will be the weekend of Jan 23/24. While I am saddened by this reality, I have a deep sense of gratitude to God for having sent Fr Doss to our parish.

I laugh when I think back to those initial days, weeks and months when both Fr Doss and I were trying to understand the new cultures we were being exposed to. Our infamous Chicago weather was one of the challenges Fr Doss faced early on. Fr Doss arrived in the springtime and he walked around with a heavy coat, both inside as well as outside. Since our Chicago springs can be quite a bit on the cool side, I thought nothing of it and I prayed that the heat of summer would arrive soon. When it did arrive though, Fr Doss continued to wear the same coat since he was still cold. I inquisitively said to him, “just how hot does it get in India?” Four and a half years later, I often see Fr Doss walking outside in the middle of winter, without a coat!

Food was another challenge. Although Fr Doss did not consider himself to be a good cook, he quickly learned to cook for himself through the help of some friends and from YouTube videos. All of a sudden there were new aromas that wafted from the kitchen. And although my own Mexican heritage uses a lot of chili, I was not prepared for the intensity of heat from Indian food. To this day, my eyes will turn red whenever Fr Doss is cooking with chili oil. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but before Fr Doss arrived, I had never eaten Indian food. But, thanks to him I have grown to enjoy the complexity of flavors that make up Indian cuisine. I still steer clear of the really spicy dishes though.

We also learned how differently church ministry is done in our respective countries. I now am even more grateful to the pastors I’ve worked with in previous assignments after learning from Fr Doss what it’s like to be an associate in his part of the world. I’ll never forget Fr Doss’ excitement when he first saw the rooms he would be staying in. While I thought they were small, he gleefully explained that these would be the biggest rooms he ever would be living in. Now when I’m tempted to think that I have it hard I only have to remember the stories Fr Doss told me of what he had to do as a pastor in India, and I quickly get a new perspective on things.

Despite these challenges and many others, Fr Doss consistently worked hard to become a true servant of God in a foreign land. Every week, as I passed by his room or office I would hear him practice his homily so as to better preach the Word of God. And through it all, he relied on his own relationship with God to get him through every challenge. There were so may times I would walk into church for something and I would find him there in prayer.

I am extremely grateful for Fr Doss’s ministry at Saint Andrew and for his friendship to me as a fellow priest. I know many parishioners are thankful as well for his service, and his friendship. We’ve all grown fond of him and will miss him dearly. Please join me in thanking Fr Doss for his service to Saint Andrew Parish. Fr Doss will preside at the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday January 23rd. Immediately after the Mass, there will be a reception in the gym until 7:30pm. Light refreshments will be served. There will be a short presentation at 5:30pm, but everyone is invited to come anytime before 7:30pm.

Fr. Sergio Romo



His contact information to send him well wishes:

Fr. S. Arokia Doss

Holy Spirit Fathers

4-116 Ramanthapur.

500013 Hyderabad. India

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