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gifts-given-logoStewardship at Saint Andrew is the cherished activity of disciples yearning to grow closer to God through the holy exchange of gifts. In all we do, gifts are given and gifts are received. Take a moment to read an important story about the stewards of Saint Andrew and prayerfully consider how you can use your gifts as a stewards as well. 

Gifts Received – A story of how Marcia Vinzons has received…


Saint Andrew has been my parish since I came to the United States. My call to ministry started when I got interested in Scripture Study. On day, I received a letter inviting me to become one of the facilitators. My first reaction was of doubt and fear, with the question, “Why me? What do I know about scriptures and facilitating?” With God’s grace through prayers, I said “Yes” and this was the beginning of my involvement in different minsitries at Saint Andrew. I realized that Saint Andrew offers so many spiritual programs like Advent and Lenten reflections and also a lot of volunteer opporutnities of which I take advantage. I learned that ministry is for everybody. No special qualification is needed. All we have to do is say, “Yes.” I feel blessed for all the gifts I receive. It gives me great joy.

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