Kids Day Repack – Saturday, May 21

The Saint Andrew Community is organizing families who want their children as young as age 5 to help out at the Greater Chicago Food Depository on Saturday, May 21 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. This is a great chance to help fight hunger and teach kids how they can make a difference!

Any on interested in attending with Saint Andrew should contact Jeannie Hopf at

What to Expect: We will have about 150 volunteers working together.  We will begin at 1:30pm with a brief welcome and orientation in the Volunteer Room.  Afterwards, we will stop by lockers, where all bags, purses, umbrellas, jackets, etc. can be stored.  We have locks with the lockers. From there, we will continue into the warehouse for the repacking of food.  This entails a variety of projects from gleaning produce, repacking bulk quantities of food into distributable amounts, labeling and packaging canned goods, etc.   At the end of the session the project totals will be shared and a brief wrap-up will take place.  This will end by 3:30pm.  After the session a 30 minute tour of the facility will be available to any interested volunteers.GCFD_Wrapper

Dress for the Warehouse: We try to be very safety conscious at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  With that in mind, please wear enclosed shoes (gym shoes are perfect), long pants and a shirt that has short or long sleeves (no tank tops, please).  You will be on your feet for about 1.5 hours, so please dress in comfortable shoes and clothes that match the description above.

Age Requirement: The minimum age for volunteers on Kids’ Day is 5 years old. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18 and older.

Parking: Our parking lot is open to volunteers during Wednesday evening and Saturday sessions.  Please enter through the gates located on the East side of the property. When you enter the building, you will want to enter through the door with the words “Welcome Volunteers” above it, which is at the southwest end of the building. The building is located at 4100 W. Ann Lurie Place, Chicago, IL 60632.  Buses can park on either Karlov or Keeler – the streets east and west of our building.  They are meter-free and Keeler (the street west of us) usually has closer parking spaces


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