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During the coming year, our reminder to be stewards of Saint Andrew Parish will comen in the form of monthly reflections on the words spoken at Mass and witnesses from parishioners on the gifts they share with the parish and the gifts they have received. Read more…

When we worship…gifts-given-logo

From the beginning of the first Eucharistic prayer:
“To you, therefore, most merciful Father, we make humble prayer and petition through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord: that you accept and bless + these gifts, these offerings, these holy and unblemished sacrifices, which we offer you firstly for your holy catholic Church.”

What and why do we give during the Mass? Most of us recall seeing the ushers come by and people place envelopes or money in them. There are also those people who are selected to walk down the aisle and hand over to the priest some wafers and a vase of wine. Yes. This is all true. These are part of “gifts given” at Mass. But why? Is it just functional? Do we presume we are paying the priest’s stipend or alms for the poor?

The prayer spoken on our behalf by the priest (written above) offers us a clue. All that we are and all that we offer is a sacrifice given first for the holy catholic Church. Not so much for cathedrals and ornate clothing, but for the Church… for the whole of the community. Our sacrificial giving is aimed at the entire stewardship of the mystical body of Christ which we place before God. God gives a gift in return. He offers that our simple gifts become the very presence of Christ. Not just bread and wine which are turned into Christ’s body and blood, but all that we have, and all that we offer, becomes sanctified through this sacrifice so that it might be the healing presence of Christ in the world.

Gifts Given – A story of why Missi Mannion chooses to give…
I started volunteering with Wearin’ the Green when I was new to the community.  I thought it would be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.  As it turns out, I have found that I receive a lot from giving back to my parish.  First, I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime with some people that I may have never crossed paths with if not for Saint Andrew.  Also, I feel a much deeper connection to my church, faith and community when I am able to help make an impact.  I feel good about giving back to my community and knowing that I am setting an example for my children.




Gifts Received – A story of how Maribeth Lynch has received…

My family and I have been parishioners at Saint Andrew for thirteen years. Saint Andrew is our rock. It is a place that continues to lift our spirits, and renew and strengthen our faith. Saint Andrew has blessed our family with a wonderful, caring community, lifelong friendships and for my sons the privilege of a catholic education. I am a teacher at Saint Andrew School and it has been a true gift to share my faith with students. I am amazed by the continuous addition of young families who enter our parish and school looking for the supportive community Saint Andrew provides.I find comfort when sitting in a familiar pew at church and noticing former students, a smile or wave from a friend or a cry from a young child. I am reminded of all of the gifts I am grateful for. Saint Andrew will always be a church to come home to.


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