Gifts Received – Maribeth Lynch



Gifts Received – A story of how Maribeth Lynch has received…

My family and I have been parishioners at Saint Andrew for thirteen years. Saint Andrew is our rock. It is a place that continues to lift our spirits, and renew and strengthen our faith. Saint Andrew has blessed our family with a wonderful, caring community, lifelong friendships and for my sons the privilege of a catholic education. I am a teacher at Saint Andrew School and it has been a true gift to share my faith with students. I am amazed by the continuous addition of young families who enter our parish and school looking for the supportive community Saint Andrew provides.I find comfort when sitting in a familiar pew at church and noticing former students, a smile or wave from a friend or a cry from a young child. I am reminded of all of the gifts I am grateful for. Saint Andrew will always be a church to come home to.


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