Parish to Parish 2016

An Ongoing Mission:

As many of you have seen, our good friend Fr. Matthias has been visiting with us from his parish in Lwanga, Uganda for the past few weeks. What began as a simple visit 13 years ago has turned into a partnership between our two communities that enriches the lives of both places in such an unique and special way. Through the years, we’ve answered a variety of needs from bikes for Catechists to reach outstations to the construction of water wells and classrooms. As our relationship has grown, our efforts have grown to a much larger umbrella that allows us to focus our efforts in three areas.

Connecting Parish to Parish:14 Our financial support from collections at mass helps keep St. Charles Lwanga Church, rectory, classrooms and outstations functioning. Your help ensures Ugandan parishioners experience important Sacraments in 20 distant outstations. The money raised in the collection to take place October 1st and 2nd allows Fr. Matthias to continue to support his community. Outside of Fr. Matthias’ responsibilities to his parish and the church he is often called upon to support his people with much needed help with medicines, food, and clothing. Our dollars go so very far in Uganda and can make such and impact in the day to day lives of people in Lwanga. Please help further his work by contributing during the second collection next week.

Connecting Through Education – Uganda Essomero Chicago: We are excited to announce the completion of St. Andrew High School in Lwanga, Uganda. We have included pictures that allow you to see the first class in attendance at this school as well as the beautiful building. It is so fantastic to see the work that Fr. Matthias has been able to complete in the last five years and we wish to thank all of you that contributed to this project. After the successful completion of three schools over the last 13 years we are also very excited to unveil our plans to develop another new school in Myanzi, Uganda. Essomero is the Ugandan word for school. The mission of Uganda Essomero Chicago is to raise funds for the planning, construction, staffing and endowment for a premier primary school in the town of Myanzi. Please visit for more details on how you can become a part of this new journey!

4Connecting Through Scholarship – One Heart Uganda: Education changes lives; currently our community is making that change a reality for almost 100 students. Often orphaned or at-risk, these bright, talented young people are given new hope through annual tuition sponsorships. Many parishioners help to contribute to these wonderful children and we thank you for your continued support. Please visit to learn more about this program.

The weekend of October 1 and 2 at all Masses, we will hear from Fr. Matthias directly and he will make an appeal of financial support for our Parish to Parish ministry. We encourage you to be as generous as you can be and support Fr. Matthias and this special relationship we have maintained for many years. If you would like to make a donation to him online through Give Central, please use this link


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