Saint Andrew Uganda Opens

Saint Andrew High School in Uganda has officially opened!

After several years of efforts by generous donors here, the high school envisioned by Fr. Matthias has now opened its doors. We have pictures and information about the school if you want to read on…

Key stats:Agnes in class sm

*63 students (40 in Senior 1 and 23 in Senior 2)

*10 teachers

*15 subjects

The school has opened  due to the support from St. Andrew Chicago. From YOU!   All of you that have supported fundraisers at Chief O’Neils, attended the Turtle Races, contributed to Penny Challenges, ran in 5Ks, or made purchases at Book Sales, Bake Sales, Vacation Bible Schools and made personal donations are responsible for this happening.   It takes a village, and that village is the Saint Andrew Community. 

Information about the school from Fr. Matthias:

First and foremost I want to extend my sincere thanks to you all, for your tireless efforts towards the completion of St. Andrew school – Lwamata.   A very special thanks to  the Langhenry’s  family  and to the Nicole and Jason’s family for their very  generous donations of last year.  Thank you all and may God bless you.

I am happy to report that with that money we have registered some remarkable progress on our school project.

  1. We have been able to furnish the classrooms.
  2. We have stoked beds for the boarding section.
  3. We have built two gender specific bathrooms.  One is completed and already in use while the other is still being worked on.
  4. A kitchen was built and already in use.  But still needs completion.
  5. A dormitory for girls is under construction, and now on the roofing stage.
  6. A small solar system has been installed.    (Just enough to give some little light at night but not good enough for reading and studying).

Electricity will be needed by all means.

Whether St. Andrew school is completed, the answer is no.  But we can confidently say that it is close to its completion.  Allow me also to officially inform you that in February of this year 2016, the school opened with a total number of 73 students in two grades, (in both senior one and senior two) and fourteen staff members.  There are ten classroom teachers and four helping staff members.

We look forward to the future for a ceremonial and official opening of the school, hopefully in one years time.


New and old structures sm

Girls Dormitory sm

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