Sarah Bruno – Gifts Given – Gifts Received

During the coming year, our reminder to be stewards of Saint Andrew Parish will comen in the form of monthly reflections on the words spoken at Mass and witnesses from parishioners on the gifts they share with the parish and the gifts they have received. Read more…

Gifts Received – A story of how Sarah Bruno has received…

I am so thankful to be part of the Saint Andrew Parish. When I first became a parishioner at Saint Andrew, I wasn’t expecting to find anything more than a place of worship, but what I received instead was much more.  I was welcomed into a community.  A place where I could learn and grow in my faith while being surrounded by amazing friends. When you live in a city as large as Chicago it is a true gift to be part of Saint Andrew family.  When you look across the pews at mass at a familiar, smiling face while listening to inspiring words from our clergy you realize what it truly means to be part of a Parish.




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