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During the coming year, our reminder to be stewards of Saint Andrew Parish will comen in the form of monthly reflections on the words spoken at Mass and witnesses from parishioners on the gifts they share with the parish and the gifts they have received. Read more…

Gifts Given – A story of why Sean Stec chooses to give…

I began helping with the Soiree and Scramble as a way to get involved in the Saint Andrew community. My family was new to the parish and our oldest daughter was new to the school. I didn’t know a single person on the committee, but I loved golf, so I figured there would be something I could do. Over the years, my reasons for helping with the event have changed. Now, I look forward to working with the other committee member volunteers with whom I have developed great friendships. There is something wonderful about seeing the Saint Andrew community gather for some fun on a crisp fall day by the lake to take a short break from the responsibilities of their lives and look around, smile, and laugh.

When we worship…gifts-given-logo

From the Second Eucharistic prayer:
“Make holy, therefore, these gifts, we pray, by sending down your Spirit upon them like the dewfall, so that they may become for us the Body + and Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the meaning of these words said by the priest on our behalf? What exactly are “these gifts” to which the priest refers? Of course in a literal sense, he is refering to the bread and wine offered at the Mass. But in a more expanded sense, the bread and the wine represent all the gifts we give to God. Our time, our treasure, our talent. When we make an effort to give back to God, the resulting sacrifice we make, becomes the very presence of Christ in the world.

As you prayerfully consider being a steward of God’s gifts through your support of Saint Andrew, don’t just consider what a donation does for the Church, but consider what giving of your Time to the community will enable and consider what giving your Talent to the community will enable. All of these gifts are in your possession because of the goodness of God and as long as they remain in your possession, they remain only your gift. But when given in return, they become the living presence of Christ in the world. What are you withholding that belongs to God? Consider how giving it as a steward in loving care of his church will transform that gift to be something more than it could ever be on its own.

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