September 2016 Challenge of the Month

One Book One Parish 2016

St. Andrew Parish is participating in a year-long program for the spiritual wellness and renewal of its members called One Book One Parish.
This initiative came out of Parish Transformation that began last Spring. For this program, St. Andrew Parish has a gift for each household in the parish. The book “Seven Keys to Spiritual Wellness” by Joe Paprocki was given to parishioners on the feast of the Epiphany, January 2 and 3, 2016. If your household did not receive this book, come by the parish office during business hours to pick up a copy.

Just like the Magi’s gifts were used by Jesus throughout this life, this book is meant to be used, specificallyPhoto of 7 keys to spiritual wellness throughout the year 2016.

Every month, we invite the members of your household to read one chapter from this book (we encourage you to use discretion for younger members) and to participate in the “Challenge of the Month” for the One Book One Parish program.

Quotes from the book will be visible everyday in our school classrooms and weekly on the St. Andrew Parish Facebook page.

Monthly discussion questions will be distributed for you to review the concepts of the book as a family. And alternative activities will be suggested for you to do with your children which teach the concept of the chapter of the month in an age appropriate way.

Join us on this exciting year-long journey as we grow in our understanding and practice of spiritual wellness!

September 2016 – Challenge of the Month:

Family members (age appropriate) read “Key 6 – Seeking Beauty”
Challenge of the Month: After reading the chapter, have a planned dinner with your family/household and share your thoughts on the following questions.
1. What is your dream vacation spot? What is most beautiful about this place?
2. Where and how do you experience transcendence?
3. What biases does our contemporary culture have against beauty?
4. How can focusing on the notion of God as Beauty aid us in our spirituality?
5. What does it mean to fall in love with God?

Children’s Alternative Activities:
In the chapter, a classic movie is referenced on page 92 – Chariots of Fire. This movie is rated PG and may not be appropriate for all ages, but especially after the Olympics and given that it can be challenging to talk to children about the subject matters found in Key 6, we recommended watching this movie to help start a conversation with children. The character Eric Liddell in the movie states “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure.” This quote, and the theme of the movie, center around a key point of Catholic teaching – that God made our bodies and made them “very good” (Gen1:31). This is a valuable lesson to relay to children. After watching the movie, discuss with children what are the many good and beautiful things that our bodies can do… running, building, healing, crafting, making music, etc.

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