Some New Faces in the Rectory May 2017

Some Special Guests

Saint Andrew Parish has the privilege of hosting two seminarians this year who are studying to serve the Archdiocese of Chicago through Casa Jesus. Lucio Lopez originally comes from Mexico City and Julian Cortes comes from Bogota Colombia. They arrived last week and will be staying in the rectory for the summer as they continue their studies at UIC.

Casa Jesus is a House of Formation for young men interested in the priesthood through the Archdiocese of Chicago. The house provides aspirants with the opportunity to study English and become more integrated into American culture so they will have greater capacity to serve as a priest to the whole community of the Archdiocese.

If you see Lucio or Julian, please greet them and welcome them to the Saint Andrew community and continue to pray for all men and women who are discerning a calling to serve the Church as priests, nuns, and lay ministers.

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