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Many of our parishioners head on to summer homes and family getaways during the summer. This is a wonderful time to refresh and retreat. One thinks of Jesus as he headed out into the dessert for 40 days prior to his final journey into Jerusalem. Often we get stuck on the idea that it was a dessert and we think of it as some mild form of torture, but let’s be honest about what happened. Jesus needed the time to get away to gain perspective! It’s a good thing.

We have two thoughts for you as you prepare your summer plans:

Don’t Take a Vacation from God –  It is tempting when you are away from your normal routine to also let go of things like attending Mass regularly, or praying at normal intervals. There are churches almost anywhere you can imagine spending your summer, so don’t forget to go to Mass. It isn’t just a habit for when the kids are in school or church is down the street in your neighborhood. We are a resurrection people who celebrate the resurrection ever Sunday!

Don’t forget Saint Andrew Parishe2 Often times during the summer, our parish’s communal collections go down significantly, but the parish’s obligations don’t change. We still have the same bills to pay, salaries, electrical, maintenance, etc. An easy way you can continue to support Saint Andrew, even when you are away, is to donate through Electronic Giving. This way you can make a regular contribution to the support of your parish community even if you are away. To sign up for electronic giving, follow this link to Give Central.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, we hope that you have a great summer!

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