Uganda Collection 2017

From Chicago to Lwamata: Parish-to-Parish Support

Next weekend, St. Andrew Parish will conduct a second collection to help the parish of St. Charles Lwanga headed by pastor, Fr. Matthias Kakooza. This annual collection helps Fr. Matthias support the ministries of his community, in addition to the upkeep of the parish church and 22 outstations, where Uganda parishioners experience important Sacraments.

Just as our collections each Sunday keep the lights on – a portion of the support we offer St. Charles Lwanga helps to keep their church operating. This parish-to-parish support is significantly different from the scholarship and school building organizations that also support Fr. Matthias’
community. For one, this support flows from our church through the Archdiocese of Chicago and to the Mityana Diocese in Central Uganda.

Experiencing a Sunday morning Mass in the main parish church of St. Charles Lwanga is a vibrant event – every pew bench is filled, children crowd together to sit on the floor in front and to the
sides of the altar. Joyous music accompanied by drums fills the air. When their offertory collection commences, you’re just as likely to see fruits and vegetables brought to the altar as coins. At the outstations, parishioners must wait weeks for their turn to be visited by a priest and
catechists make due between visits. These parishioners, who live in the remote bush with dirt roads, are too far to walk or travel to the main parish church on Sunday. Their Masses are held in simple structures and sometimes under the shade of a tree.

Our Ugandan sisters and brothers are passionate about their faith. Last year on a special holy day, Fr. Matthias baptized literally hundreds of people young and old for half a day as the line stretched out of the church and across the parish yard.

It is our blessing to play a role in supporting their faith and our great honor to have such a wonderful partner and friend in Fr. Matthias. You can contribute your support both in church next weekend and online through St. Andrew’s website.

Uganda Umbrella of Support

St. Andrew has a history of supporting our brothers and sisters in Uganda. What began 14 years ago with Fr. Matthias’ first visit to Chicago has grown and enriched our community. Through the years, we’ve answered a variety of needs from bikes for Catechists to reach outstations to the construction of water wells, expanded classrooms, and schools.

Currently three main programs support Fr. Matthias and his community:

Parish-to-parish Support: Our financial support keeps St. Charles Lwanga Church, rectory, classrooms and outstations functioning. Your help ensures Uganda parishioners experience important Sacraments in 22 distant outstations.

One Heart Uganda – Scholarships: Education changes lives; currently our community is making that change a reality for 100 students. Often orphaned or at-risk, talented young people are given new hope through annual tuition sponsorships.

Essomero – School Building: A new K-12 school is planned to provide a high-quality education and environment for learning. Fundraising is underway and the school will be built on private property in
Myanzi, Uganda.

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