Uganda Imersion Trip 2016

Join the Uganda Immersion Trip on October 1-11, 2016

Individuals who are interested in witnessing first hand the work that has been accomplished through our partnership with Fr. Mathias in Uganda are invited to an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 27 at 7pm in the rectory.


Witness the amazing work that has been accomplished through St. Andrew Parish, Chicago!

Experience what life is like for our brothers and sisters in Africa!

Answer Pope Francis’ call to help those in poverty!

Through our Immersion Trips, parishioners & volunteers, including Fr. Sergio, have personally visited Fr. Matthias to assist in improving the quality of life for our Ugandan brothers and sisters in many ways.  Every person that made the commitment to open their eyes to life in Uganda, gained a valuable perspective on life and an appreciation for a community that requires only the basic needs to be happy.

Participants have ranged from ages 26 to 67, single, married, parents, friends, working, retired and parents with children.  Anyone can contribute!

Contact Mary Langhenry at for more information.




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