Top Spiritually Uplifiting Picks


Deacon Eric Oscars 2016

In honor of the Oscars approaching us this Sunday night, pastoral leaders of Saint Andrew parish got together to discuss some of their top pics for movies.

Here’s a combination of the top 5 Spiritually uplifting picks as chosen by Deacon Eric and Pastoral Associate David Heimann’s:

  1. The Way – Martin Sheen (PG-13) 2011
  2. Chariots of Fire – Ben Cross (PG) 1981
  3. The Bishops Wife – Cary Grant, Loretta Young (G) 1947
  4. The Song of Bernadette – Jennifer Jones, Vincent Price (G) 1943
  5. Saving Grace – Tom Conti, Fernando Rey (PG) 1986

Here are trailers from the movies if you’d like to learn more about them.








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