Welcome Deacon Pawel!

Deacon Pawel Barwikowski has been assigned to Saint Andrew Parish. He is currently in studies at Mundelein Seminary and will be ordained this Spring. Upon ordination, he will serve as Associate Pastor at St. Andrew Parish.  Please join us in welcoming him. You can read more about him in his letter of introduction below.

Here is Deacon Pawel’s letter to parishioners upon his appointment:

Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!12695927_1169571993098523_1823731692_n

My name is Pawel Barwikowski. I was born in Pisz, Poland in Januray 1988. In my family, there were nine of us; my parents, Henryk and Helena; my oldest brother, Mariusz; my sister, Iwona; my sister, Katarzyna; my brother, Adam; my sister, Izabela; my twin brother, Piotr; and I.

In 2007, I became a seminarian of diocese of Elk where I completed first three years of the priesthood formation. In 2009, I first heard of Bishop Abramowicz Seminary in Chicago(BAS). Fr. Marek Kasperczuk, who was then the rector of BAS, visited Elk, and asked me to come to Chicago. When I was leaving Poland to come to Chicago, the bishop of the diocese of Elk said, “I’m letting you go, because the church is universal, serving in Poland or in the United States, you will be serving the same church.” With the permission and blessing of my Bishop, I joined the group of three men that came to Chicago in 2010.  In 2011, I was accepted to major seminary for Archdiocese of Chicago located in Mundelein. Today,  it is with a full heart, and a heart on fire, that I express my gratitude to Fr. Sergio Romo and all of you for letting me be a member of your parish community. I believe this experience will help me to become a better version of myself . Please, pray for me.

May God bless us all!! ;-)

Deacon Pawel Barwikowski


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