Working with Saint Mary of the Lake and Saint Thomas of Canterbury 2017

Charitable Best Practices

Many parishioners either run their own business or are aligned with business corporations in which they pursue best practices to achieve the greatest results. In that endeavor, many of us know that alignment of an organization’s strategies helps to optimize results. The same is true of our charitable works.

The Church has always sought to empower the work of charity and the Social Concerns Commission of Saint Andrew has been working the past year and a half to organize our parishes’ charitable efforts so that they are streamlined and clear.

The Commission has identified international, national, regional, and local charities with whom we will seek to focus our charitable efforts. We already know that focusing our international efforts with our sister parish in Uganda through our relationship with Fr. Matthias is the best way to have the biggest impact. We are hoping to do the same with our local charitable efforts too.

We are hoping to do the same with our local efforts. The Social Concerns Commission has advised the pastoral staff to focus our local charitable work on projects related to the needs of Saint Mary of the Lake and Saint Thomas of Canterbury. Together, the food pantry, soup kitchen, and school are serving hundreds of refugee families that we as a parish have already begun to support through food drives and the Giving Tree. We are seeking to focus more directly on their needs in the future.

It doesn’t mean that we will not support other local charitable efforts, but the primary focus for us through special collections, social concern, and even Greater Chicago Food Depository food credits will be directed towards Saint Mary of the Lake and Saint Thomas of Canterbury.

This makes sense on a number of levels. For one, they share the same Catholic heritage as we do. For another, they are organized through the Saint Vincent DePaul Society, which is a known and reputable resource for caring for those in need. Finally, we have a relationship with them through previous work and meetings with their organizer, Deacon Paul Spalla, so we know personally that every dollar we send in support is being used to directly support persons with food, clothing, and shelter sacristy.

This summer, we are looking to support additional food drives for items and needs they have requested. By focusing our efforts with them, we hope to have a greater impact on our collective abilities.

Jewel Card Drive – May 5 & 6, 2018

During the weekend of May 5 and 6 at Saint Andrew, we will be collecting donations to buy Jewel Gift Cards for Saint Mary of the Lake Food Pantry. We hope to raise $1,000 by having a total of forty $25 cards donated. You can make a donation using the envelopes found in the bulletin, or by donating online through Give Central. Thank you for being a part of this effort!


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