TOT – July 31, 2013

Healthy Eating with Holy Intent

Wednesday, July 31st at 7pm
Mrs Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro presented by Ms. Christine Grano

The topic of healthy eating is the focus of many conversations these days, both in the world at large and in our personal lives. Yet, we often see little or no progress toward that end as measured by increasing obesity rates along with the accompanying detrimental health effects. Is it perhaps that we look at eating and our health in general from a distorted perspective? What is it that we are missing? Chris will offer some “food for thought” about this topic from her own journey nestled in the context of prayer and scripture, along with some practical applications.

About the Speaker:

Chris GranoChristine Grano, an affiliate staff member of Mayslake Ministries in Lombard, IL, is a certified spiritual director, retreat facilitator and presenter of a variety of programs in the area spirituality. In addition to Spiritual Direction, her training includes Lay Christian Counseling, Inner Healing Prayer, and Nutrition and Fitness. Along with her professional training, Chris has had much personal experience with healing and transformation on her journey of life. Her faith life and ministry is deeply rooted in 12 Step spirituality. Married and the mother of 2 adult children, Chris holds a BS from the University of Illinois.