Capital Campaign 2016


The Enrich, Expand, Grow campaign aims to address important needs in our St. Andrew’s community.

We're extremely grateful for the enormous generosity that has has already made a success of our Enrich, Expand, Grow Capital Campaign. With the help of 20% of the families in our parish, we received pledges for 103% of our goal or $2.29 million. We are still accepting pledges and donations to the campaigns. As the campaign lasts five years, prices of restoration and expansion may change, and do to unforeseen circumstances, it is not practical to assume all pledges will be able to be met, we are still accepting pledges and donations to the campaign. Read more about the campaign below and contact if you would still like to make a contribution. We offer you our thanks in advance.


Saint Andrew - Case Statement 2v2

We are so grateful for those who have been leaders in the Capital Campaign by making a pledge in advance of our commitment weekend. These contributors are leading the way for us to make our goal! A complete list of those who have already pledged can be found here.


Find out more information or submit questions to Annie Sullivan Find out how you can be part of this exciting effort!