We Need You!


Consider serving as a Catechist or Catechist’s Aide!

A catechist helps young people come to know Christ and the riches of our faith by teaching weekly CCD classes.

In order to serve as a catechist, you must:

  • be available on Sunday mornings from 8:15am until 9:45am;
  • have a personal relationship with Christ and a desire to share your faith with young people;
  • be comfortable with and able to communicate effectively with the age group that you will be working with;
  • familiarize yourself with the text series (Call to Faith) and the online resources (including full lesson plans) provided with this series;
  • prepare weekly lessons (or use the online lesson plans provided with our text);
  • pursue initial and ongoing certification as a Catechist in the Archdiocese of Chicago; and
  • comply with Archdiocesan Protecting Youth Requirements, including:

A catechist’s aide helps the catechist in their work by:

  • helping children who require special assistance;
  • taking attendance;
  • accompanying children to restroom;
  • monitoring children until catechist arrives;
  • photocopying materials required by the catechist;
  • collecting supplies from Religious Education Resource Room;
  • other duties assigned by catechist.

A catechist’s aide must also comply with Archdiocesan Protecting Youth Requirements (see above).

Why Be a Catechist or a Catechist’s Aide?

  • The best way to learn is to teach.
  • Your own faith will come alive.
  • You become an active participant in one of the essential responsibilities of a Church community.
  • You assist in bringing Christ to others.
  • You practice stewardship.
  • You show your own family that you value the Faith.
  • You become a role model.
  • Being a Catechist brings joy.
  • You make a difference in the lives of our young people!

How do I become a Catechist or Catechist’s Aide?

If you are interested in becoming a Catechist or Aide or would like more information please contact David Heimann at the Parish office: 773-525-3016 or davidheimann@saintandrewchicago.com.

Catechist Resources

Finding God – Catechist Planning Resources