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In 2004, Fr. Matthias Kakooza visited Saint Andrew Parish through his friendship with Saint Andrew’s Pastor Emeritus, Fr. Jack Farry. Over the years, Fr. Matthias continued to visit Fr. Farry to gain support for his Ugandan community. Saint Andrew parish supported Fr. Matthias in his many ministries including, raising funds to purchase bikes, so he and his catechists could reach his entire community, building of Saint Andrew School and St. Charles School, both in Mubende, Central Uganda.

Parish member John Berka was so impressed with Fr. Matthias that he decided to travel to Uganda in 2009. John realized an incredible need and shared his experience with our community. That only reinforced the desire for Saint Andrew Parish to continue to support Fr. Matthias and his ministries.

In Oct, 2011, a group of Saint Andrew parishioners, ranging in age from 26 to 67, traveled on an immersion trip to visit Fr. Matthias in his new parish, St. Charles Lwanga, in Lwamata, Central Uganda. Fr. Matthias and his community welcomed us, and we witnessed the day to day life of Father and the Ugandan people.

Fr. Matthias is a pastor and accountable for 18 outstations that he is only able to visit every 6 weeks. He is responsible for servicing this population, saying mass, performing the sacraments, providing assistance if health care is needed, instructing many catechists and making home visits. His challenges include servicing a large geographical area where road conditions are poor, a lack of church structures, often scarce food and water supplies, a lack of financial support and safety.

One particular challenge close to Fr. Matthias’ heart is the lack of education for the children in his communities. Saint Andrew Uganda, built solely from Saint Andrew Parish (Chicago) donations, is testimony to a strong Catholic school with vibrant teachers and eager students. We witnessed this school, and it that was truly amazing to see how our Chicago parish has affected these people across the globe. These students had glimmers of hope in their eyes.

Now that Fr. Matthias has been at his new parish for almost a year, he has had a chance to know his community and their needs are visible. He has secured land in a region that is in great need of a school. His focus is providing education for these children, many who often cannot meet their basic needs including food, water, safety, and health. The only hope for these children, one-third who are orphaned, is to give them an opportunity for an education.

We have committed to raise funds for Fr. Matthias’ endeavor. We have witnessed the need, know his mission, and believe we have a community who can help. We have a very unique opportunity with our relationship with Fr. Matthias…


Your support will make a difference! They are amazing people, faithful people and deserve this opportunity. Thank you!!!

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