Kizza and Nakamya

Meet brother and sister, Kizza Boniface and Nakamya Angella. Six-year-old big brother, Kizza, is a quick learner and model student making his teachers proud. His four-year-old little sister, Nakamya Angella, adores her big brother and enjoys stories, dancing and playing with friends. These siblings, who were recently orphaned, would have few chances for a good education and future if it weren’t for the generosity of the Hudson and Criscione families. With scholarship support from these families, the future for Kizza and Nakamya Angella will include a quality education in a loving environment.

Kizza Boniface

NAME: Kizza Boniface
AGE: 6 Years Old
PARENTS: Deceased
SIBLINGS: Nakamya Angella
SCHOOL: Annina Primary School
GRADE: 1st Grade
TUITION: $400 per year
STRENGTHS: Quick Learner
SPONSOR: Criscione Family

Nakamya Angella

NAME: Nakamya Angella
AGE: 4 Years Old
PARENTS: Deceased
SIBLINGS: Kizza Boniface
SCHOOL: Annina Nursery School
GRADE: Preschool
TUITION: $400 per year
INTERESTS: Singing and Dancing
STRENGTHS: Clever and Cheerful
SPONSOR: Hudson Family