Mulyowa and Nnakate

Meet Mulyowa Laurence and Nnakate Teopista. Mulyowa Laurence is thirteen-years-old and loves to read novels, debate and enjoys drama. His father has passed away and his mother struggles with AIDs. Mulyowa Laurence’s teachers and Fr. Matthias recognize his special talents and believe he has great potential to succeed. Thanks to the Boin family, Mulyowa Laurence will be able to attend high school next year and work toward his dreams.

Nnakate Teopista is 12-years-old and is the youngest in a large, struggling family. Very bright and the “apple of her mother’s eye,” she’s described as optimistic and happy – buoying the spirits of her family with her singing and dancing. Thanks to the Deely family for sponsoring her education, Nnakate Teopista has even more to celebrate as she begins her sixth grade year in St. Mary’s Primary School.

Mulyowa Laurence

NAME: Mulyowa Laurence
AGE: 13 Years Old
PARENTS: Rosemary Nnammombwe
SIBLINGS: Ssebaggala
SCHOOL: St. Charles Lwanga S.S.School
GRADE: Seventh Grade
TUITION: $400 per year
INTERESTS: Soccer and Drama
STRENGTHS: Debating, Reading novels
SPONSOR: Boin Family

Nnakate Teopista

NAME: Nnakate Teopista
AGE: 12 Years Old
PARENTS: Deceased
SIBLINGS: Ssekabira Emmanuel
SCHOOL: St. Mary’s Primary School
GRADE: Sixth Grade
TUITION: $400 per year
INTERESTS: Singing and Dancing
STRENGTHS: Clever and Cheerful
SPONSOR: Deely Family