Capital Campaign Questions


Your Questions Answered About the Enrich – Expand – Grow Capital Campaign

Q:   Why do we need a school addition?

A:    Our school lacks the necessary space it needs to grow. We are close to maximum capacity and the only way that our school can continue to grow is by adding classrooms. These classrooms will give our educators an improved place to teach and will help accommodate our robust student body.

Q:   Why are we starting these projects now?

A:   The need for maintenance updates and a school addition exists today and now is our time to plan for the future of Saint Andrew. Our leadership has carefully planned the steps necessary to perform maintenances on our church and expand our school. Through conversations, research, and prayer, we have determined that our parish is ready to take on these projects. In addition, the Archdiocese has offered us a unique and financially beneficial opportunity to help us fund these important updates. They are offering to combine efforts on the campaign and support our plan to address the needs of Saint Andrew.

Funding the projects

Q:    When can we begin the projects?

A:   For each project, we need 67% of funds collected and 90% of funds pledged in order to move forward with construction.

Q:    Which project will be completed first?

A:   The church lights will be the first project to be completed, as they are unsafe and very inefficient. After the lights, we will need to work together to decide in which order we complete these projects. Soon, we will assemble an advisory committee made up of leaders in our community to discuss priorities, pledge collections, and discuss how best to use the funds we have. Father Romo and Principal Ackermann will head the committee. Right now, we are focused on raising this money so that we have the opportunity to fund these exciting projects. As we look towards the future, the parish’s goal is to make the best and most efficient use of the funds to our proposed project.

Q:    Why can’t we increase tuition in order to fund for these projects?

A:   We have already raised tuition in order to fund the upkeep and maintenances of our school buildings. In order to fund these projects, we would need to increase tuition significantly and we would be placing a large financial burden on our school. The school addition and maintenance updates will benefit all of Saint Andrew. We are one parish and we will ask all members of the community to consider supporting Enrich, Expand, Grow.

Q:  How do we know that funds will be used the way it says it will be?

A:   Our parish publishes an annual financial report that details how funds have been spent throughout the year. You will be able to confirm the use of campaign funds through this report. In addition, you will see work begin on the church and school once we receive sufficient funding to start the projects. Our parish welcomes questions about our plans and how we are financing these projects.


Church closures/Archdiocese

Q:    Why are we renovating our church when there is a chance that our church will close?

A:   Although there will be church closings in the coming years, Saint Andrew is unlikely to close. We have 1,600 households in our parish, a thriving school, and the Archdiocese has just assigned us a new priest. If we continue to invest in our parish, we will be helping to secure the future of Saint Andrew parish.

Q:  How much control does the Archdiocese of Chicago have on what we do with the funds we raise?

A:    We have a $250,000 goal to contribute to the Archdiocese’s To Teach Who Christ Is campaign. Beyond that, we have developed our campaign plan independently of the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese supports our vision for Saint Andrew, but our plans were designed by parish leadership and are based on the needs of our Saint Andrew community.


Gift request questions

Q:   Who will be asked to support the Enrich, Expand, Grow campaign?

A:   Every household in the parish will be asked to prayerfully consider making a financial pledge to Enrich, Expand, Grow: A Campaign for Our Church, Our School, Our Faith.

Q:  Why does Father’s letter ask for a specific gift amount?

A:   Prospective donors throughout the parish need to know what level of support is necessary to reach our campaign goal. Therefore, a gift amount is suggested for each household in the parish to prayerfully consider. No judgment is made on the level of a gift you or others make. Whatever the amount, your pledge should be planned, proportionate and sacrificial.

Q:  Why is an initial payment requested? Is it required?

A:  The Enrich, Expand, Grow campaign asks for an initial payment to begin a pledge.  It helps the campaign by immediately addressing the needs of our parish. Many donors actually prefer to begin their pledges immediately. Some may even give more than the requested 10%. However, an initial payment of 10% is not required, and the donor may elect to give less initially or nothing at all.

Q:  Why is each donor asked to complete a commitment card?

A:  A donor is asked to complete a commitment card so that the gift may be appropriately recorded and acknowledged by Saint Andrew. Donors are asked to sign the commitment cards as a good faith commitment, indicating that they have agreed to the terms of the gift indicated on the card. A commitment card is not a legally binding document and we know that people’s financial circumstances change. If that is the case, please contact the church to discuss possible options.  

Q: To what extent are gifts to the Enrich, Expand, Grow campaign tax deductible?

A:  Gifts to the campaign are tax deductible as allowed by law. The application of such laws varies with individual financial circumstances. Parishioners with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or tax preparer.

Q:  What if we do not raise the full amount?

A:  We expect that the parish will reach our goal in pledges and initial gifts. If the projected pledges at the end of the campaign are significantly lower than expected, we will discuss options to simplify our projects. The maintenance updates and school addition must be built to meet the needs of the parish.